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08 August 2011 @ 08:05 am
icons 027  
60 icons: White Collar, Hawaii Five-0, Star Trek XI, Doctor Who, Generation Kill

icon battle with justmyb0nes (formerly skydawnjade)!!

White Collar
neversince 06
justmyb0nes 12

Hawaii Five-0
neversince 18
justmyb0nes 24

StarTrek XI
neversince 30
justmyb0nes 36

Doctor Who
neversince 42
justmyb0nes 48

Generation Kill
neversince 54
justmyb0nes 60

+ resources
+ no hotlinking
+ i ♥ comments!

Like what you see? Watch this community so you don't miss an update! justmyb0nes icon journal is room_6277 :D

shalowater: * strawberryshalowater on September 24th, 2011 04:33 am (UTC)
bb! i miss you and your graphics. you should make more soon!

on the other extreme though i have been liking your older graphics lately and have them in my userpics. see my userpic? do you still have those? i have the strawberry, the orange, and the whale only and i would love to have the whole collection.

also, i love the one word/emotion text icons. would you mind if i made some similar? i love playing with text and different font dings. not everyone loves them but they are fun to me.